Bishop of Britain?

Reading this lesson this morning (Acts 14:1-18), I thought: Huh. I wonder where else the Greek gods are mentioned by name? So I did a search on “Zeus” and “Hermes” and this is the only spot. (There’s a Hermes greeted in Romans, but he’s obviously a Christian mortal.) Given the “to an unknown god” story and how the spread of Christianity among the Gentiles was primarily among the Greeks, it’s interesting to me that there isn’t as much mention or characterization of Greek religion as there is in the Hebrew scriptures of other nations’ gods. Maybe because evangelism was done by this Jewish sect of Jesus followers with persuasion and debate, and not as one nation taking arms against another, or viewing alternate god worship among themselves as a fifth column, as the Hebrew people did (or more frequently didn’t, to God’s wrath).

Also, in looking further into Barnabas, he is considered by many to be the brother of Aristobulus, one of the 70 or 72 disciples, whose household is greeted in that same passage in Romans, and who was the first Bishop of Britain, possibly dying at Glastonbury. This I did not know!

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